One day, there was a Pikachu who had a computer. On that computer, the Pikachu explore The Internet. Finding new ways to play games and spam all people who hated him. This Pikachu was Awsom. Awsom spent most of his days Online Gaming and making shitty videos with Windows Movie Maker. The only person able to outsmart him was Fail Dog, the Epic Dog of Fail.

Because of his brutal defeat from Fail Dog, Awesome is no longer able to speak. He now uses Speakonia to talk. But that never stopped his shitty video making. He is also vain enough to make a whole article about himself. He's an idiot.

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Fail Edit

AwesomeChu is a failure troll who even fails at trolling. He sits around and faps to Eminem and Pikachu. His most failure was trying to make a fad over a picture he found on Google images. This was a Weegee and carls jr ripoff, obviously.
Rl pikachu

AwesomeChu IRL

- AwesomeChu claims he is 20 years old, need I say more?

- AwesomeChu gets butthurt about anyone who dares insult his videos. He block and spam that person 'till he/she leaves youtube.

- AwesomeChu hates Pokemon...What?

"going to the strip club is good when you have a gf because you can go home with a boner and fuck her hard" - AwesomeChu, having no idea what he's doing.

- Awesome claims he has kids. I didn't know 12 year olds could impregnait 16 year olds.

- AwesomeChu's best friends are little children. This proves he is not only a manchild, but a pedophile.

- AwesomeChu made an article about himself, a failure article.